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Welcome To - Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Mailing List Provider For Specialty Auto Repair Car Owners Lists. The DMV List - Auto Service Marketing Mailing List - Is Available In 12 States For Independent Auto Repair Shops For Their Direct Mail Postcard Marketing and Advertising.

If you are a specialty auto repair shop, looking for specific cars by make, model and year for your auto repair direct mail marketing, there is no more effective mailing list than the DMV car owners list. No Exceptions!

Always Remember This!
The DMV List is the standard, by which, all other specialty auto repair direct mail marketing, make, model, year mailing lists should be judged.
If you use not the DMV List to judge - what then shall you use?

DMV List Customer Comment From A First Time User:

Dear Zed - We have had a great response to our last series of mailings using your lists. We are clearly reaching owners we had been missing with our previous lists from XXXX. By customizing the model lines and developing zone coverage to meet our specific needs, your people greatly enhanced our targeting. Thank-you for your personal quality service. It has been a welcome change from the ordinary.

Sincerely, David Pettengill - The Foreign Service, Raleigh NC

There Is Just No Substitute For Bringing In The Right Customer With The Right Car. Hit Your Target Between The Eyes With The DMV List

DMV Lists - Car Owner List by Make, Model & YearFor specialty auto repair service direct mail postcard marketing and advertising - You could be using the DMV auto repair direct mail marketing mailing list, to target European, Japanese or American car owners for your auto repair service specialty shop, or hit your prospects by truck, SUV, 4x4, off road, etc. If your state has it on their DMV records, we can usually get it. The DMV List is an auto mailing list that can reach your specialty, no matter what it is.

What cars can you fix the fastest and make the most money on? Those cars are the ones you should be going after. Specialty auto repair shops are trusted more, customers are less likely to question your service, and if they come to you, it is because they love their car and will happily pay well to keep it running to perfection. The DMV List is here to help you find these upscale customers. Direct mail marketing for your auto repair shop was never more exciting and prosperous.
Specialty Auto Repair Marketing for European, American & Japanese Cars

What Cars Do You Love To Work On?

What is your auto repair specialty? What cars do you love to work on. What vehicles make you the most money? Where is the smartest place for you to be spending your auto repair direct mail marketing money?

European, Japanese, American car specialty. Trucks, SUVs, 4x4, off road, Jeeps, Land Rovers – whatever your specialty is, we have the perfect list for your auto repair marketing direct mail postcards. There is no specialty make, model, year, direct mail mailing list that can beat the DMV List.
DMV List Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing List

But I’m doing just fine with the auto repair direct mail marketing mailing list I am using right now. Why should I switch? Answer: You’ve simply never had the real thing to compare your current list to. Once you try the DMV List, direct mail mailing list, you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Virtually every shop we have sold the DMV List to for the first time, once they’ve tried it, has never gone back to the old list. There is just no reason to. Because depending on the list you are using now... You Could Be Getting 20% To 50% More Cars In Your Market Area - And 97% Accuracy On The Cars You Get - Just By Switching To The DMV List!
But Wait
Just One Minute!
Auto Repair Marketing Mailing List
Every Other List Broker In The World Is Telling Us That There Is No Such Thing As A Legal DMV Auto Repair Marketing List.
And they add, that if you use it, you could be in big trouble with the government.
CORRECTION!! That is every list broker who doesn't have the DMV List! What else are they going to say if they want to sell you a list. There is just no reason to buy a compiled list when you can get the real thing in your state. This list is not only legal, it has a perfect track record for over 11 years.
Kick your auto repair marketing direct mail into overdrive with the DMV direct mail marketing mailing list.

Some compiled lists may be a little cheaper to buy than the DMV List. But the real cost to you is - the huge loss of income from the cars that don't come to your shop, because they are not on the list and didn't get your mailer.
How Do We Know The Shortcomings Of Other Auto Repair Marketing Mailing Lists?
Why do we care? Because we are always looking for a better car owners mailing list for the other 38 states we provide auto repair direct mail marketing in.

When an auto repair mailing list broker calls us, we ask them for a count. A count that will be compared with our own DMV list to find the true accuracy of their lists in general. Without exception, there is no comparison in the counts, by accuracy and sheer numbers of vehicles. There just is no better list than a DMV car owners list by make model year, for your auto repair marketing direct mail.

When it comes to auto mailing lists, the DMV List is the standard by which all other lists should be judged. Auto repair data at its very best.
Auto Repair Marketing for Specialty Auto Repair ShopsCan You Get Us Good Make, Model Year Mailing Lists In The Other States Where The DMV List Is Not Available?
YES WE CAN. We can get you the one list we have tested and proven to be the best in the non-DMV states that we use for our own clients
Zed Daniels - President of Motor Service MarketingCall Right Now With Your Toughest Questions. There is nothing to hide so
I will gladly give you all the details.
Why? Because if you are doing
specialty auto repair direct mail
marketing - YOU NEED THE DMV LIST! 800-428-0286
DMV List Vehicle Registration Stop compromising. Get the very best list available in your marketing area. It will always give you the very best results. Keep your techs working on the cars you know and love to work on. The cars you can fix the fastest, without comebacks, and higher profit margins. When you compromise on your auto repair marketing for a slightly lower up front cost, you are compromising on your bottom line in the long run.

If up-front cost was the only important thing, you would still be doing your wheel balancing with a bubble balancer to save $15,000 - but no one would ever come to you for wheel balancing.

If you are looking for the cheapest auto repair marketing direct mail mailing list, don’t call us.

If you are looking for the best auto repair car owners direct mail marketing mailing list…

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