Auto Repair Advertising – Car Make Marketing Delivers Best Income

Auto Repair Advertising – Car Make Marketing Delivers Best Income. Everyone is doing direct mail using the increased car count strategy for their auto repair direct mail advertising. I mean everyone!

However, increased, unsorted, unknown car count is the most ineffective form of auto repair advertising direct mail you can do! But everyone is using it!

Why? Because it is cheap! But, you all look the same. You all are merely getting your apportioned share of large numbers of low income customers with a few high income customers thrown in.


Auto repair advertising that is successful is auto repair advertising that brings in fine car high income customers only!!!

When you are merely concerned with car count, even customers like these  are considered part of your success, because they are part of the car count??? Even though you are losing money on every one of them that comes in! This is not auto repair advertising that will build your business.


  1. Using the Increased Car Count strategy, you never know who will be coming in your door. 
  2. The entire goal and purpose of auto repair advertising is to make more money, not just bring in larger numbers of unknown people.
  3. Thus you are using a failed strategy from the start by shooting only for higher unknown car count.
  4. How do you know if this customer will care enough about their car to do the needed maintenance and repair?
  5. How can you ascertain if this person has enough money to come back and be a loyal customer at full price. The low income customer will never come back at full price. They can’t afford to. 
  6. This kind of auto repair advertising lacks all the necessary elements to be successful at reaching your income goals. This method gives you no way to target fine car high income customers.
  7. When you are ready to increase your income instead of your car count, there is a much better way to do it.


Successful direct mail advertising for your auto repair shop must be done by selecting car make and year. The best way to chose the customer is by the car they drive, not by median income. Median means middle. That means a median income direct mail mailing list will have half the leads falling below your target income level.

Auto repair advertising that delivers fine car high income customers.

When you do Car Make Marketing you are selecting your customer by car make. You choose the cars you make the most money on. The cars you like the most. The cars you can repair the quickest. The type of customer you love to work with. This program alone can deliver much higher incomes than any other direct mail advertising for your auto repair shop.

Why Auto Repair Advertising By Car Make DOES Work.

  • Ad-Card auto repair advertising postcards are sent out by car make, model and year mailing lists. The DMV List is available through us in 16 states. In addition, the most accurate compiled mailing list is available for the other 34 states. How do we know it is the best compiled list? We tested multiple compiled lists against the DMV list to find the top performer.
  • When you select car owners by car make, you immediately know who you are dealing with.  Just by the nature of the car they are driving, you know they care about their car. They did not chose basic transportation. They spent more for their car. They are willing to spend the money to keep their car running like new. Their ego may even be wrapped up in their car.
  • This is the very definition of auto repair advertising that works! The right car and the right car owner, with the right amount of money in their pocket.
  • You can select the cars you like to work on the most. Auto repair advertising that makes sense.
  • You can chose the cars you make the most money on. Car repair marketing that increases your income.
  • You choose the cars you can repair the fastest. This makes you more efficient and gives you higher profits.
  • Direct mail marketing that can achieve your income goals, and generate an aura of relief and joy in your shop for you and your employees.
  • Direct mail marketing that even gives you EXCLUSIVITY. You are our one-and-only-client. SERIOUSLY.Try to find even one low cost direct mail company that offers you exclusivity in your market area. If your current direct mail company works with your competitors, this can cut your response rates down to 1/2 to only 1/3 of the response you thought you were paying for. Did your current direct mail company tell you they work with your competitors? Better ask before you buy.
This Right Here Is What Good Auto Repair Advertising Is All About…
Auto repair advertising direct mail that can change the very nature of your business.

Stop playing in the same sandbox with all the other kids. Select the right customer by selecting the right car. Auto repair advertising that selects your new customers by car make – will make a huge difference in your income! And will even lift up the attitude of your shop employees.

What Are You Waiting For. This Is The Most Effective, High Paying Form Of Auto Repair Advertising Direct Mail In The Industry. Give Us A Call To Find Out How Many Of Your Favorite Cars Are In Your Market Area and What It Would Take To Get This Program Going EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU!
Auto Repair Advertising That Makes Sense.

This approach may seem new to you, but we have been doing it successfully for 30 years. We don’t bite and we’re not pushy. Call us right now to find out just how many of the cars you love are in your market area. We can show you that number and how to get them into your shop!

BBB Accredited Business A+ Rated. Auto Repair Advertising by Motor Service Marketing.

BBB Accredited Business A + Rated. Motor Service Marketing Auto Repair Advertising Direct Mail.


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Many auto repair shop owners think that auto repair advertising direct mail is dead. The problem is, you are merely doing the same thing that all your competitors are doing. And you are receiving nothing but a majority of low income customers for your efforts and expense.

But now you have something new. A sniper shot rather than a shotgun blast. Pulling in fine car customers rather than throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks. The customer with the right car and the right attitude about car maintenance and repair.

This video below sums it all up. The Ad-Card auto repair advertising program has been working for 31 years. What does it hurt for you to simply take a look at it? Check out your market by car make today. It is a whole, new, exciting way of building your income.

Ad-Card Auto Repair Advertising Program

An 11 year client, with 3 locations in Boca Raton and Aventura – Miami Florida. One of the most competitive markets in the world. Jeff sums up what the Ad-Card Auto Repair Advertising Program is still doing for them.

Auto Repair Advertising That brings in fine car high income customers.

Auto Repair Advertising Direct Mail That Works. The Ad-Card by Motor Service Marketing. Call to see what the Ad-Card Program Can Do For You. (Now A 10 Year Client)!

Auto Repair Advertising That Works By Bringing In The Perfect Customer. Targeted by CAR MAKE – not by CAR COUNT.

Steve Louden comments about the Ad-Card auto repair advertising program.

Steve Louden comment on Sept. 11, 2013. “We are finishing our fiscal year 9-30-13 and it will be our best in our 37 year history. AD-CARD has been a big part of this story for 20 years. That is why we keep using your program year after year. Bottom line——-it works.” Ad-Card auto repair advertising.

High income through make, model, year auto repair advertising.

Your Higher Income Is Our Only Strategy. When you call us, you are not speaking with one of 25 salesmen. You are speaking with the company leaders who can give you insights and strategies for your specific location and market.


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