Auto Repair Shop Marketing With The DMV Mailing List

Auto Repair Shop Marketing Using The DMV Mailing List By Car Make and Year. So the cars coming through your door – are the cars you make the most money on! Are You Ready for some increased income!

Auto repair shop marketing direct mail using the DMV mailing list.

If your auto repair specialty shop works on Audi and VW automobiles, what kind of marketing should you do? You need an automotive repair shop marketing program that includes a mailing list that brings in only Audi and VW automobiles. You’ll be amazed at what the DMV auto repair shop marketing mailing list can do. (As long as you have a postcard mailer design as great as the DMV Mailing List.)

The DMV Mailing List can make all the difference the world to your auto repair shop marketing response rates.

BUT – YOU ASK? What can I do with my marketing if I am a general auto service and repair shop? What should I be doing to bring these higher income luxury cars in? Interestingly enough, you can do the same thing.

You select the cars you want to work on. We get the DMV Direct Mail Marketing Mailing List. Put together the perfect direct mail marketing design and card. And you are off and running.

But here is a very important question for you: Yes – the image that you portray on your direct mail marketing postcard IS very important. But just as important as your marketing image – are you a clean, neat, respectful looking auto service and repair shop?

If not, you might be able to get someone to come visit you using a great auto repair shop marketing mailing list and postcard. However, once they pull up and take one look at a shoddy shop – that $60,000 Mercedes or that $50,000 Ford King Ranch pickup truck – will turn around faster than a rabbit who just noticed a fox coming his way.

Make sure your shop has a great image.

Auto Repair Shop Marketing Direct Mail must be perfectly calibrated to reach only customers who have the cars you make the most money on. Once you start implementing  that critical strategy change, you can start watching your income grow. 

Auto repair shop marketing direct mail  using the DMV Mailing List.

People who own fine luxury cars, love their cars. Some of them even have their ego wrapped up in that car. “Prime Customers” is what I call these people. They are willing to spend whatever it takes to keep their baby running strong and reliable. This is auto repair shop marketing success at its very best. And highest income for you.

Here’s what just a couple of our wonderful, long time customers have to say about the Ad-Card auto repair shop marketing program, using the DMV mailing list.

Select Your Customers by Car Make with the DMV mailing list by car make and year.

An 11 year client in Boca Raton Florida sums up what the Ad-Card, Auto Repair Shop Marketing Direct Mail Program could do for you.

Auto Repair Shop Marketing enters a whole new level of successful customer acquisition with this program.

Steve Louden, owner of Louden Motorcar Services in Dallas Texas. Our longest running client coming in at 19 consecutive years.
See several of his video comments right here
We shot these videos in the fifth year of his using the Ad-Card auto repair shop marketing program. I guess he was telling the truth back then.
Because he continued to work with us for the next 14 years.

Yes – a 19 consecutive year client working with one single auto repair shop marketing company.

The Ad-Card auto repair shop marketing program using the DMV Mailing List.

Steve Louden comment on Sept. 11, 2013. “We are finishing our fiscal year 9-30 and it will be our best in our 37 year history. AD CARDS have been a big part of this story for 19 years. That is why we keep using your program year after year. Bottom line——-it works.”


Steve’s short videos will give you some great insight into auto repair shop marketing as a whole. Steve used to do auto repair marketing seminars for AMI.

Steve (as one of the founding members of AMI – The Automotive Management Institute also has two short videos here about how AMI got started. ASA Part 1 & ASA Part 2.

Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing By Car Make And Year Using DMV Mailing Lists.

If you had found out about us some 19 years ago like Steve Louden did, chances are you too would still working with us for 19 years. IT WORKS!

When you need to bring in world class cars, Motor Service Marketing and The DMV auto service direct mail marketing mailing list is the perfect solution for seriously higher income. We are waiting for your call.

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High Image And Selective Auto Service Direct Mail Marketing Mailing Lists Attracts High Income Auto Service Customers

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