DMV LIST Direct Mail By Car Make And Year For Best Response

DMV LIST Direct Mail By Car Make And Year For Best Response Rates.
And Highest Number Of Full Price Retention Come Backs!

The DMV mailing list available in 16 states for your auto repair direct mail marketing.

Don’t let this silly picture put you off. Over the last 11 years of selling the DMV List to shops that didn’t know it existed, this is the typical reaction! And The Better Response Rates Make It Well Worth It. Available In 16 States! Click here to see what states you could start doing your DMV List Direct Mail.

DMV List Direct Mail For Your Auto Repair Shop, To Deliver Only The Cars You Love To Work On. Available by Car Make, Model and Year Range. Year Range? Yes, so you don’t go back too far and get old junker cars.

So why is “Car Make Marketing” So Much Better Than Increased Car Count Marketing? When you are doing your marketing using the “Increased Car Count” Strategy, you never know what car will come your way.

For most auto repair shops, this process is usually done by getting a cheap (zip code oriented – or saturation – hit every home) mailing list that is created by median household income. The problem with such a list is this.

The word Median means MIDDLE! That means half your auto repair direct mail mailing list will be your target income (shall we say $60,000 or more in income). That means that half your mailing list will have incomes of $60,000 or more. The other half will have $60,000 or less income. That means that half your list will be wrong income people.

DMV List Direct Mail Will Give You The Finest Customers You Have Ever Found. Auto Repair Direct Mail Advertising At Its Finest With The DMV Direct Mail Marketing List!

Auto Repair Direct Mail Advertising At Its Best Using DMV List Direct Mail.

The excitement of sending out a great postcard, to the perfect people, with the cars you love to work on makes this the greatest auto repair advertising direct mail program you will ever try. We have clients who have been with us for 5 years, 10 years 15 years and even 20 years. Why? Because it just keeps on working!

So call us today and let us get a count for your favorite cars in your market area.
Find out what DMV List Direct Mail can do for your auto repair marketing direct mail success and your income!

Find out what it’s like to look out your window to see the perfect cars pulling into your driveway from auto repair advertising using the DMV List Automotive Repair Marketing Direct Mail Mailing List.

The DMV Auto Repair Direct Mail Advertising Mailing List.

When your interest is bringing in world class cars, Motor Service Marketing and The DMV auto repair direct mail mailing list is the perfect solution for seriously higher income.

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High Image And Selective Mailing List Attracts High Income Auto Service Customers

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