DMV Lists For Your Auto Repair Direct Mail Advertising

DMV Lists For Your Auto Repair Direct Mail Advertising.
When getting the right car and the right customer in your door, is all that matters.

How do you make seriously good money in the Auto repair business? You bring in the right customer – by bringing in the right car! How can you do that?

By using DMV Lists to send out your auto repair direct mail advertising.

Auto repair direct mail advertising  works best with DMV Lists.

DMV Mailing Lists Make The Difference You Have Been Looking for In Your Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Marketing and Advertising.

Low income customers not only keep you from making good money, they can actually cost you money. How? You already know. Cheap oil change, free car condition inspection. They need $800 worth of work and they run out the door.

DMV Lists keep your auto repair advertising from going to the low income  car owner!

One of the nice things about using DMV Lists is that THIS CUSTOMER is passed over. If they don’t get your auto repair direct mail postcard, they won’t be wasting your time.

Auto Repair Advertising Using DMV Lists Brings In The Right Customers and Leaves Out The Low Income Customers! 

Most auto repair direct mail advertising chooses their target mailing list by median income levels.

HERE’S THE SITUATION: The word median means “In The Middle”. So if you are going for a median income level of $70,000, that means half of your leads will be $70,000 or above -OR- $70,000 and below. That is why you still get low income customers coming to your shop.

PROBLEM NUMBER ONE: Half the money you are spending on your Auto Service Direct Mail Marketing Postcards Is Being Wasted. Costs for the mailing list. Costs for Printing The Cards – AND THE BIGGEST EXPENSE – THE POSTAGE. Money that will all be wasted on the bottom half of the mailing list. Those that never convert to serious customers. Or those who do become a customer, but never come back at full price!

PROBLEM NUMBER TWO: – you never know what kind of car will be coming through your door.

But when you use the DMV Lists for your auto repair direct mail advertising mailing list, the cars you make the most money on are the ones who pull into your auto repair shop.

DMV Auto Service Advertising Mailing Lists.

Is it time for a change in the way you do your auto repair advertising direct mail? Call Now For Your Free Car Count For The Car Makes and Years Of Your Choice! – Motor Service Marketing – Since 1984 – Zed Daniels, President Providing DMV Make Model Year Vehicle Registration, Car Owner Mailing Lists For Auto Repair Service Direct Mail Marketing At Its Very Best.
Typically Delivering 25% up to 50% More Cars In Your Market Area – 97% Accurate.
And We Can Do The Card Design For You As Well! High Image Direct Mail With The Ad-Card Auto Repair Marketing Direct Mail Program.

Better Auto Repair Advertising Direct Mail Results Using DMV Mailing Lists By Car Make and Year.

Get Your Free Car Count Now For Your Favorite Cars. Auto Repair Direct Mail Advertising At Its Very Best.

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High Image And Selective Mailing List Attracts High Income Auto Service Customers

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DMV List For Your Auto Repair Marketing Direct Mail

DMV List For Your Auto Repair Marketing Direct Mail

There simply is no finer mailing list than the DMV List For Your Auto Repair Marketing Direct Mail in 22 states. Once you try the DMV List (unless you have a really lousy direct mail postcard) you will never stop using it. It’s DMV!

DMV List auto repair marketing postcards will usually hit 25% to 50% more actual car owners in your market depending on what list you are currently using.

Don’t let this silly picture put you off. Over the last 8 years of selling the DMV List to shops that didn’t know it existed once again, this is the typical excited reaction! WHY? Because the DMV List really can make that much difference to your income.

DMV List leads bring in the cars you love to work on. The cars you make the most money on. Why are you settling for anything less successful for your auto repair marketing direct mail than the DMV List?

Auto repair marketing direct mail that delivers the right car through upscale image and the DMV List.

Your income goals unfold before your eyes as you see your favorite cars roll into your parking lot. Found and captured by the DMV List. Click photo to visit, “The Art and Science of Selling Auto Service”. Learn how to bring in the high income fine car owner. We’ve been doing it for 30 years. 800-428-0286

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Auto Service Marketing Success With The DMV Mailing List

Auto Service Marketing Success With The DMV Mailing List

Smiling Man In Car

Auto Service Marketing Direct Mail that creates income, not just car count.

Auto service marketing success with the DMV Mailing list? Why does that make a difference?

When you are doing auto service direct mail marketing, there are 2 things that must be accomplished or you will have a guaranteed failure.

First – you must have a great direct mail marketing postcard that will capture the attention of the right car owner, get them to read it, and then – get them to take their car to your auto service shop. What is the purpose of such an auto service marketing postcard? Simple. To get them to try you just once. That’s it. The rest is up to you.

Critical side note: most auto service marketing companies talk about nothing but increased car count. Our goal is increased high income, fine car, money customers. Increased income. Not just increased car count. A huge difference!

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