Auto Repair Specialty Direct Mail Marketing Mailing List

How Could The DMV Auto Repair Marketing List Be Legal?

A great question. There are still many misconceptions about whether this list is a DMV list or not. I have even seen conversations on internet discussion groups going back and forth about it, but every comment was wrong based on an uninformed opinion rather than reality.

Here is how it works.

  • First: If we were selling the DMV list illegally we would have it in all 50 states, not just 12 states.
  • Second: If we were selling the DMV Auto Repair Direct Mail Marketing Mailing List illegally, we would have been put in jail 11 years ago, because that is how long we have been selling it.
  • Third: The 12 states that it is available in are once again selling the list. (But don’t go calling them about it, they don’t sell it to individuals like the used to 11 years ago.)
  • Fourth: The only way we can sell it legally is to give out absolutely no information on the car owner.
  • Fifth: Here's how we do it.
    1. We take a standard, reputable, consumer mailing list you can purchase from a hundred different sources.
    2. We then match this list with the cars you are looking for from the DMV List. Then we simply take out all the names that don’t have the cars you are looking for.
    3. Which leaves us with the perfect mailing list for your auto repair advertising direct mail.
    4. In addition, when you get the list it will not be broken down by car make and model. All you get is a name and address. But every name on the list will have the cars you are looking for.

There simply is no better auto repair advertising direct mail marketing list than the DMV List for Make and Model direct mail advertising.

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